Fan Drive

Ronzio Oleodinamica offer at our customer the possibility of use our motors for fan drive solution.

Nowadays in fan drive the fan is linked to the engine by a belt drive or mounted to the crack shaft, this
means that the fan will run at a speed determined by the engine not by required cooling power with
more cost of fuel, noise and emission.

Whit Ronzio’s fan drive solution we give the possibility to control independently the fan speed from
engine speed and supply the cooling power exactly as required.

This hydraulic system enables guarantee flexibility, it can be locate remote from the engine and, with
an integrated failsafe future, the fan speed is automatically adjusted to maximum cooling power if a failure
occurs to electric system.

This will prevents the engine from overheating and costly engine damage.


Best advantage

Possibility to control exactly the fan speed.

Integrated control with reduced dimensions

Flexibility and long life of working

Reversible fan direction for cleaning the cooling unit.

Important noise reduction

Available systems

Fixed ratio: the fan speed depend proportionally of engine speed, it is used on simple system where is required a fixed fan speed

Two speed system: this kind of system is used where the constructor need two regulation of speed
with fan of big dimensions.

With adjustable fan speed: used in a complex system who needs accurately and independently fan
speed regulation and the possibility of reverse the fan direction for cleaning the cooling unit.