Cast Iron Pumps and Motors – Group 2 – Series W2

Main features

The W2 series of pumps and motors is characterized by a cast iron construction in two pieces, this particular structure guarantees the product greater rigidity and compact dimensions.

High performance and efficiency up to 95%

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Technical Sheet

  • High pressure opon: up to 300 bar max.
  • Continuous  pressure (4350 psi).
  • Axial compensation achieved using pressure balanced bushing blocks.
  • High volumetric efficiency: average 95%
  • Wide range of capacities : 4-6-8-11-15-20-25-40 cm3/rev.
  • Cast iron body.
  • Gear tooth profile accurately projected providing low noise operation.
  • A wide variety of shades, flanges and ports are available to meet specific application requirements.
  • High-temperature seals available.
  • Single rotational pumps and motors.
  • Bi-rotational pumps and motors.
  • Multiple pumps availability: tandem pumps are possible both in aluminium series and with other cast iron series produced by Ronzio Oleodinamica.
  • Easy-to-make