Aluminium Gear Pumps & Motors – Group 3 – Series Z3

Main features

Z3 is the series of pumps and motors in aluminum Buzzing of group 3.

Made in three parts, it guarantees maximum versatility.

The care given to every detail gives it excellent performance with high yields and a low noise level.

Available in single or multiple version with separate flows.

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Technical Sheet

Cast iron covers for high performances.

High pressure option: up to 280 bar max.

Continuous pressure.

Axial compensation achieved using pressure balanced bushing blocks.

High volumetric efficiency: average 95-97%

Wide range of capacities: 20-25-30-35-40-45-50-55-60-64-70-80-90 cm3/rev.

Extruded aluminium body.

Gear tooth profile accurately projected provid-ing low noise operation.

A wide variety of shafts, flanges and ports are available to meet specific application require-ments.

High-temperature seals available.

Single rotational pumps and motors.

Bi-rotational pumps and motors.

Multiple pumps availability: tandem pumps are possible both in aluminium series and with other cast iron series produced by Ronzio Oleo-dinamica.

Easy-to-make tandem pumps and easy change of rotation.